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You may be new to counselling and feel apprehensive and nervous. Below are some commonly asked questions that will help you feel at ease. Please feel free to pick up the phone and ask me any questions that you may have. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Personal counselling is generally on a short term basis from six sessions to six months duration.  The length of treatment is customised according to your needs and my expertise in assisting you with what is troubling you and potentially stopping you living life the way that you intend.  During initial sessions we will be able to identify and talk about what is troubling you and set goals through a proposed treatment plan.  

Counsellors generally focus on helping clients to identify and understand personal issues happening in the present moment.  A professional counsellor will aim to help clients find their own solutions through specialised training techniques.  Doable skills and tools are introduced to treat symptoms to break out of dysfunctional thought patterns and habits.  For example, if you have an impasse that is affecting your life, symptoms (anxiety, stress, etc), and behaviours may be explored to reach a positive alternative.

Psychologists treat clients through the use of diagnostic assessments and interviews. A clinical psychologist is trained to work with complex mental disorders that affect the client’s day to day functioning.

Your treatment plan will be tailored to your needs and what you are most comfortable with.  It may be that we work with a specific modality or integrate modalities to best suit you.  Susie is here to warmly support and accept you without judgement, regardless of what you say or do.

If you wish to proceed, counselling sessions are generally arranged weekly or fortnightly to for treatment to be effective.  After your initial sessions, you may wish to continue on a “check in” basis of monthly or irregular intervals to keep in check.

Yes, it most certainly.  Phone, Zoom or Skype sessions are a convenient and safe way to arrange counselling sessions in this current climate.  You will be able to have a full counselling session without needing to travel, at your convenience.  Susie holds a zoom account for this purpose and has found it to be both effective and rewarding for her clients.


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The practice is conveniently located in the Sutherland Shire  at 13-15 Cawarra Road, Caringbah, within the RVTLS Church building.  Please note that the practice is independent and NOT a part of RVTLS Church.  Parking is available at the front of the building or on Cawarra Road.